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MELVILLE, NEW YORK - Transero Inc. is pleased to announce its appointment by Ontic, a BBA Aviation Company, as the worldwide exclusive distributor for AV-8B Gas Turbine Starter Unit/Auxillary Power Unit (GTSU).

Ontic, the OEM for the product line, is the aerospace industry's leading provider of 'Extended Life Solutions' for OEM legacy products and specialized in obsolescence, supply sourcing and a myriad of other issues that are inherent with the manufacturing and suppoirt of mature products.

"Ontic chose Transaero as a partner due to its extensive history serving military customers and its reputation for providing enhanced parts availability and excellent customer support, " said Matthew Pritchard, Ontic's Head of Contracts and Customer Service.  "We are confident Transaero will continue to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service."

Currently, the GTSU powers the AV-8B Harrier II military aircraft, projected to be in active use through 2025.  The product line consists of 437 component parts, including 13 assemblies.  Perry Youngwall, President of Transaero Inc., looks forward to offering the AV-8B GTSU spares to the market.

"It's a very exciting opportunity and expands our burgeoning relationship with Ontic." Youngwall said.

For 60 years, Transaero has been recognized as a leading technical sales, marketing and stocking distirbution company in support of engineered products to commercial airline, life support and the military markets worldwide.  Transaero is a world leader in supplying critical flight safety parts for both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.  Headquartered in Melville, New York USA, Transaero is supported by nine sales offices located around the world.  For more information about Transaero Inc, visit us at www.transaeroinc.com.

Ontic is wholly owned subsidiary of BBA Aviation plc, with over 40 years of aerospace product manufacturing and aftermarket support experience.  Ontic provides FAA, EASA Part 21 and 145 OEM support, including new and serviceable spares and repairs for voer 4,600 maturing aircraft parts.  Its portfolio of products, licensed or acquired from major OEMs such as Honeywell, UTC Aerospace, Woodward, Safran , and GE Aviation, span all major aircraft systems in both civl and military markets.. For more information, please visit www.ontic.com.

Contact:  Wendy L Mullally, Administrative Services Coordinator  +1.631-962-1544  mullally@transaeroinc.com

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